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Making Your Habits, Healthier

Be Healthy, easy right>@!^%#!??

Not so easy...

Where do I start?

Where do I find these extra things from?

Where was that post with that idea now?

Wow, that's expensive...

Oh dear, I really wanted to, but I didn't, I can't even remember to get bread or toilet paper at the moment...

But Google says this and my friend says this...

Even when I start looking at the information that is available today, I can get overwhelmed.

The easiest way to start making a healthy change within your self and in your family is to simply start.

Making the things you already are doing, healthier, can take the stress out of making the change, and the resistance from your family for the new things coming their way.

Who doesn't love pancakes, waffles and muffins? When making them add more eggs, swap some normal flour ratio for almond meal and add some chia seeds.

Honey, buying raw local honey from your health shop, fruit shop or on the side of the road and using it as your sweetener, instead of sugar or sugary spreads.

Stevia is another plant-based sugar alternative you can try.

Mince based dishes can have hidden beans such as cannellini or chickpeas or vegetables such as zucchini, capsicum or sweet potato that have been grated or put in the food processor. I add the same amount of vegetables as I do the mince.

Another alternative for beef mince is turkey mince. Adding flavours such as garlic, onion, vegetables and spices or bolognese sauce you can hardly notice the difference. Turkey may boost serotonin levels to boost mood and concentration, is a leaner cut of mince and contains the essential fatty acid Omega 3.

Choosing a Low GI bread to support blood sugar control to balance mood and hunger.

Adding protein to your sandwiches such as a boiled egg, leftover dinner meat or canned tuna or salmon. While you're there, add some salad greens.

Choosing organic or free-range chicken. Taking the skin off the chicken to lower that fat and chemical intake.

Taking some of the butter or margarine content away from your baking and swapping it for coconut oil instead.

If you time poor and cooking more often isn't going to happen, cooking more when you do cook, so it lasts for days or can be frozen for later in the week.

Adding one or two of the following items to your normal grocery shopping list a week takes the financial pressure of the changes. Once bought, they can be the pantry staples that you then replace when they're empty.

Chia seeds

Nuts (unsalted)


Coconut Oil


Honey (raw and local)

Almond Meal


Cannellini beans

Make your healthier start today, little by little, doing it the way that suits you.

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