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Been told your blood tests are normal? But you know deep down there is something else to find?


You are not alone! It has happened to many of my patients, and also me, which lead me down the path of investing in my learning, in health science and natural medicine.

Pathology tests funded by Medicare that are used by GP's will identify red flags, be used to warrant further specialist referrals, medications, and the diagnosis of diseases. They are an absolutely vital step in your healing journey, however, there are more functional testing options available to uncover your root cause, you need to find your path to wellness.

Standard blood tests don't always give us the information needed to identify more subtle changes in the body before a disease is present. Disease prevention is the key, and excitingly, many people are investing in their health.

If you are looking to be proactive in your path to wellness, functional testing is a way to uncover and treat any biochemical, hormonal, metabolic, and nutritional imbalances that may be causing your health concerns.

With my degree in Health Science that included many hours of supervised in-clinic training, I can offer proper interpretation and analysis of your functional testing and provide your individualised treatment, even alongside your medical interventions.

By investing in integrative functional testing, you can take a deeper look behind the scenes at what's going on within your body to find and treat the missing pieces of your health puzzle.

Many tests are available and recommendations can be given as a part of your free and initial consultations. However, some of the more common tests that are routinely used include:

Bacteria, Parasite, Enzyme, and Fibre assessment of your Gastrointestinal System (Are you suffering digestive symptoms? Immune compromised? Lacking energy or hormones?)

Stress and Sex Hormone Panel (Lost your libido? Have no zest for life? Struggling to conceive? Exhausted? Stressed?)

Advanced Genetics Panel (Lacking nutrients? Feel toxic? Need a better balance of brain chemicals? Is there something common occurring in your family that you need help to better manage?)

Food Sensitivity (Allergies? Digestive symptoms? Retaining fluid? Immune compromised?)

Mood Balancing (Anxiety? Elevated or low moods?)

You can book for your free initial assessment or get started now with your initial consultation on this link .

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