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Did you know male infertility is half the reason couples fail to conceive?

⁠Yes Really!⁠

If both of you are not being treated for your infertility, you are only addressing half the problem. Yes really!⁠

Research on the lifestyle and environmental factors that are modifiable in male infertility include parameters on obesity, scrotal temperature, medication and drugs, occupation, smoking and alcohol and frequency of intercourse.

Obesity – a BMI (body mass index) over 30 is likely to reduce fertility

Scrotal temperature – elevated temperatures is associated with reduced semen quality

Medications and drugs – opioids, psychotropic agents, cannabis interfere with fertility

Occupation – heat exposure, ionising radiation, vibrations, pesticides, and solvents may reduce fertility

Smoking – decreases semen quality

Alcohol – excess consumption is detrimental to semen quality

Intercourse frequency – every two days

What about semen analysis? Not many couples I talk to do actually know their numbers or parameters. Even after many rounds of IVF. These parameters are a start, get to know your numbers and what it means for you. But importantly, ask me what it means to the whole health is the key:



Sperm concentration

Total sperm count

Total motility

Progressive motility


Normal morphology


If you would like a free phone all to discuss working with me to take back control of and boost your fertility, you can book via this link:


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