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Don't forget about the hot sex!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The best time to have sex to fall pregnant is within your fertile window.

Your fertile window is when you are the most fertile in your Cycle which is 5 days before ovulating and 2 days after ovulating.

Ovulating involves your ovary releasing a mature egg that travels down your fallopian tube to get to your uterus. The goal is for the sperm to meet the egg in the fallopian tube for fertilisation.

One of the most interesting points is that sperm can live for up to 5 days! So to optimise your fertility, having the sperm already in the fallopian tube ready and waiting for when ovulation occurs. Sperm is also optimal when ejaculation occurs every 1-2 days.

Knowing your own Cycle and when you ovulate can be helpful. Ovulation is commonly midcycle and is most efficient for fertility between day 14 and day 21 of your Cycle. When ovulating you should have thick clear mucus, resembling egg white, and some women also experience breast tenderness, pelvic pain, and an increase in libido.

A rise in your basal body temperature will occur AFTER you have ovulated, not when you ovulate. You can also purchase ovulation test kits to track hormone changes in your urine or have blood testing done to check your hormone levels on Day 21 of your Cycle.

However, if you have been struggling with your fertility, your Cycle is not the norm and unpredictable, you might miss your fertile window if you relying on certain indicators which is where a healthy relationship and regular lovemaking are beneficial for your fertility.

Many couples who have been struggling with their fertility, can get caught up in the science behind reproduction and lose sight of prioritising intimacy, devotion, and having hot sex!

Going back to dating, romance, surprises, and splurging on each other can reignite or keep your flame burning. Making intimacy a daily practice in small doses such as holding hands, sending a sexy text message, or taking the time to be still and gaze kindly into each other’s eyes are just some examples.

More invigorating suggestions could be libido-enhancing herbal medicines, creating a lovemaking bucket list together, tantra, or orgasmic meditation could also offer new perspectives.

Did you know the female orgasm contracts the muscles which actually help the sperm travel to meet her fertilised egg? So why not work on having more, longer, and more fulfilling orgasms in your fertility regime…?

Getting off the fertility rollercoaster, if you have been on it for some time, could be a

great break and actually help your fertility. Working on your mindset and prioritising lovemaking just might be one of the missing pieces of your puzzle. To be honest, it’s not only because of infertility that making love is so important, but it also should take place in most stages of our lifespan for richer and connected intimate unions as well as contributing to our essence and Qi.

If you are a couple struggling with your fertility and would like to work with me to get off the fertility rollercoaster, optimise your Cycle and see how your whole health is contributing, you can find the link for a free chat in my Bio or on my website.


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