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How do you hit the nasty free radicals that age us over time? With antioxidants! Berries! Berries! Berries! (1/2 cup)

How do you reduce inflammation that can affect us from the inside to our outsides? Omega 3 fatty acids! Chiaseeds! Chiaseeds! Chiaseeds! (1 Tablespoon)

How do you promote healthy gut bacteria to improve digestion, immunity and mental health? With probiotics! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! Yoghurt! (1/3 cup)

How do you feel full, control blood sugar and build healthy muscles, skin and hair? Protein!! Protein powder with collagen!!! (3 Tablespoons)

How can you feel and look more hydrated and assisy your body to utilise fluids more efficiently? Electrolytes! Coconut water! Coconut water! Coconut water! (1/2 cup)

How do you feel a little bit fancy? Blend and serve in your favourite glass!!! I was gifted these glasses for my 21st birthday and they are not much use in the back of the cupboard.

How do you have these items in your pantry, fridge and freezer? Build them up over time. Little by little you can change the state of your foodstores and have healthy ingredients on hand everyday to nourish your body and create your fuel for your day.

@ Bribie, Queensland, Australia

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