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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can rule someone's world, or you might even realise you have it, and others have no idea or care for what it is.

I had previously come across PTSD through others such as an army service man, someone being involved in an accident, traumatic births and the loss of a loved one.

But what I didnt understand until it affected me, was the depths that can it take a hold of you and the span across it can affect you and those around you.

PTSD can also be complex, meaning it has affected you on on different occaisions, over longer periods of time, and have many different facets of how it affects you.

Unless youve experienced PTSD for yourself or you've loved and cared for someome with PTSD, it may seem like an excuse, a dirty word or something that doesnt affect you so doesnt enter your brain space.

PTSD also cant be ignored when looking for wellness in other areas of your health. Symptoms may include intrusive memories, avoidance, negative emotions or thoughts and hyper arousal.

To better manage PTSD to improve your wellness, areas to start exploring include:

Your sleep! No screen time before bed, setting a pattern or habit for bedtime, resetting your circadian rhythm by looking directly at the sun upon waking, eliminating caffeine, looking at your gut health and how your body produces melatonin.

Your stress! We all have stress, but how we deal with it and how long we hang onto it differs. The stress maybe the PTSD itself, or work, a loved one or money. When undergoing stress we overuse certain vitamins and minerals such as the B group vitamins and magnesium. Supplemenattion in higher doses, of quality sources that your body can use can be required and tweaking your diet to include more food based sources is beneficial.

Your medications! Investigating the nutrients your medications are depleting that can be affeting your health and managing the gut symptoms like IBS to ensure your are still absorbing nutrients from your food. Knowing how your medication is metabolised and can strain your bodily functions, or how it affects other things you are taking can also be valuable.

Your inflammation! Any long term mental stress causes neuro inflammation. Many anti-inflammatories are available for supplements, or you can increase sources of your omega 3 fatty acids through your diet which have anti-inflammatory effects. It also be regulating your blood sugar levels or pain levels to modulate neurotransmitter production.

Your support! Who do you have to support what you are going through? Does your loved one truely know how your experience effects you? Have you talked to your doctor and asked for support to talk through what is happening for you? Have you also considered EFT, acupuncture, mindfullness, yoga or new circlea of people.

Your knowledge! Knowing how what is going on for you affects your body, mind and spirit. Making better choices from your new knowledge to support your wellness.

If you would like support you with your wellness goals, I would love to hear from you.

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