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Are you?

Peeing on so many pregnancy tests you have often wondered if you should buy shares in the company?


Waiting for a doctor to finally find the piece of your puzzle so you can finally have the family you dream of?


Taking medications or considering taking medications, or maybe your goal is to have no more medication?


Wanting to feel what it is like to have your own little one kicking inside of you?


Laying awake most of the night, with thoughts spiralling about what you can do differently ... or better ... or


Constantly in the pharmacy or health shop or googling excessively to buy the next product you heard will work this time?


You feel so defeated you are breathing in so much air in at times you feel unable to take another breath in?


Feeling totally alone and no one understands any of this?

If you are any of one or more of these, I am looking for you.

If you’ve read this far, I am thinking I am looking for you.

You can... show up in your pyjamas ... via telehealth me all your prescriptions and supplements....with tears...with your partner or mum...

I want to listen to you and you to paint me a picture of what surrounds you.

Book your FREE discovery phone call or telehealth session to see if you would like to work with me.

Has a health professional supported you to:

💙heal your gut?

💙cleanse and detox?

💙calm your mind?

💙reduce inflammation?

💙optimise your immunity?

💙treated your your reproductive system and explained how it works?

"Bookings Checkout | Carissa McAllister"

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