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Are you lovin' your guts?

We all have our own unique set of problems, but the most common thing I am noticing in practice is how gut health may not be the presenting complaint, but it certainly is inhibiting people achieving change in their lives.

My own gut health journey started a long time my late teens when I visited my doctor and asked if bread was making me sick. The doctor laughed at me, basically inferring I was ridiculous and sent me on my way.

It was a time when I didn't know any better, no one else around me knew any better, so on I went eating some bread and simply trying to be healthy the way best I could. It was also at a time information was not at our fingertips like it is today and products to help were few and far between. So I kept going the best way I could, doctors just kept saying IBS IBS IBS...

The first lesson I learnt, was listening to my own intuition, it was always there...

Fast forward to my mid-twenties, my aunty sent me on a long drive... about an hour and a half away to a Naturopath who had helped her with her children's health. Off I went, desperate for help and to do as I was told.

An old method of intolerance testing was done, using my own household and self-care products I took along with me and foods. Everything I was using reacted with me and one of the foods to eliminate was gluten.

All of my products went in the bin and slowly I started collecting natural or low tox alternatives and out went the gluten. Back to scratch went my cooking at a time when finding a gluten-free product was a miracle or simply just disgusting.

These new ways helped immensely, despite being labelled the fussy and sensitive one by others around me, I didn't mind so much as I knew these things made me sick.

Fast-forwarding to my early thirties, two sons later and approximately a 99% gluten-free diet with a natural or low tox lifestyle, I remember feeling dead, still keeping on going for my sons, wondering if there would ever be an answer. Another doctor trip to a new doctor sent me for more tests and I was found to have damaged villi and diagnosed coeliac disease, so I wouldn't have been absorbing the good food I was consuming in an effort to be "healthy". This was so unexpected news, after being told that I wasn't so many times...just IBS IBS IBS..little did I know I hadn't even had the proper test for a reliable conclusion and had a false result on another test.

Another fast forward of at least 18 months of healing, to a 100% gluten-free diet, repairing the damage done over so so so many years.

Now I get asked nearly every day, how can I get my gut working better or how can I change the way my body is working. People are still really struggling with despite all the information at our fingertips.

Buying a probiotic is the first go to I'm seeing and is now common knowledge. But there are so many strains and certain ones work better for certain conditions...and they're expensive.

People are getting used to the idea bone broths which is great, being strong eliminating sugar and empty white carbs and trying all the new trending diets which seem to always exclude certain nutrients.

There are so many other factors that all work together which vary from person to person such as prebiotics to make the probiotics survive, feeding the good bacteria to ensure its survival, soothing and reducing inflammation of the gut lining and the presence of particular enzymes to breaking down specific nutrients.

If you would like to help from someone who has been there on that roller coaster, someone trained to find the right natural health solution right for you and have access to quality and proven naturopathic supplementation, reach out to me.

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