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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Bbq burgers on a plate. (No buns required.) Yum! Yum!

The family was a bit confused not see buns, but loved all the flavours like a burger and agreed the buns werent needed. The juices, egg and cheese all ran together just like they should.

Being a coeliac myself, and my boys being gluten free with the coeliac gene, takes a lot of the fun out of eating out. Not being able to order what you feel like everyone else, having the one or two options to choose from (and sometimes nothing at all) and then the awkard conversations when you order, or with the kitchen and even with those in your company about how a speck of gluten triggers your autoimmune disease and can make the lining in your digestive tract diminish so you cannot abosorb the vital nutrients to you survive and thrive ... and yes it is actually important. It can be not fun at all and ... exhausting.

So pretty much everything we end up eating comes from my kitchen. The upside is.. we know what is put into everything we put in our mouth, and my boys love to help and they learn about food as being our fuel as we go.

These were homemade turkey mince burgers put into the food processor with canneloni beans, bean sprouts, teriyaki sauce, herbs, egg and a crust of gluten free bread.

Also on the plate was rocket, spinach, a colesaw mix, grated beetroot, saurkraut, egg, goats cheese for the adults and cheddar for the boys, avocado, relish and mayo.

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