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Food can be your medicine

My pea and zucchini soup, topped with leftovers of rice, quinoa, mushroom and asparagus. This has always

been a favourite in my house and I promise you my Mr 11 and Mr 7 love it, they finished it before I did.

How did I get my kids to love this has always been this way for them so it was an early start for well as this is what they see as well, as this is how I eat. They also know their food is their fuel, and it is how they grow, have strong muscles and energy to play and enjoy life.

Here is a recipe I like, but you can find many on the internet:

The difference with mine is I always have a bone broth to use for the liquid and I added natural gelatin for the extra protein and important amino acids and the benefit of gut healing.

Sometimes we have toatsed tortillas to dip into the soup or other leftovers to serve on top such as pork or chicken with rice.

Food can be your medicine.

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