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Hi, Im Carissa

I left behind my own health blocks surrounding fertility and complications of a connective tissue disorder because I wanted better, and more from my life.

I saw and lived how mainstream medicine didn’t have all the answers to help me fall pregnant or live a life diagnosed with a genetic disorder.

Although it appeared I was already living healthy, I wanted to know more, I knew something had to change if I wanted change.

I started eating food as medicine rather than by habit or for taste, and turned to some odd formulas, soups and concoctions for extra help.

I also then saw after having my children, how just eating and living “healthy” wasn’t serving my children who suffered from low immunity and hyperactivity. There was more needed to be able to offer more to my children.

I’ve since obtained my Bachelor of Health Science in a clinical environment to practise as Naturopath because I want to

💙 help others find, and live their best life💙

I am a mum, an intuitive empath with a type-A personality who is passionate about :

💙 the root cause of illness,

💙 how the whole body is functioning, and

💙 finding the body’s ability to heal itself.

I have a system, with a long-term approach, that

💙 looks at the research as well as the drivers of your illness whilst:

💙 healing your gut,

💙 calming your mind,

💙 getting rid of toxins,

💙 reducing inflammation,

💙 balancing hormones and

💙 improving your immunity.

Because you also deserve better and do have options, to leave your own health blocks behind.

💙 I can show you how 💙

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