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"Hulk" Smoothie

A "Hulk" Smoothie is fueling these two this morning. "Hulk" was the term I used when they were toddlers when I turned their cupcakes, shakes and smoothies green. The fruit is sweet enough to hide to the addition of the vegetables. This one is lots of frozen pineapple, banana and mango with zucchini, avocado, oat milk and protein powder. It was like a slushy and they loved it! Check the video below to see one of them finishing it off in style.

I'm lucky these two only get a cold with a coldsore about once a year the last few years.

But...this wasn't

always the case.... despite a healthy lifestyle, both boys constantly had infected mozzie bites from head to toe. One of them was always, always sick....would never recover from a cold and could have 5 coldsores at a time, black eyes, hives, eczema, rashes, and unexplained anaphylaxis and many nights of me wondering if he would not stop breathing whilst asleep. The other one was always well, but constant brain fog, confusion and tantrums beyond normal parameters of a toddler, always had all of us in the house in a spin.

So the point is, what is healthy for one, may not be healthy for another and adaptations of inclusions and exclusions whilst correcting deficiencies can improve health and wellbeing...especially for our little ones as they are so very receptive to changes as their bodies are more pure than ours. Integrative testing along the way can also take the trial and error away as well.

I remember going through these years as a mum, oh so well!! Its lonely, consuming, others perceive you as fussy, over the top and helicoptering not to mention it's expensive and a lot longer and harder path if you are doing it without help from a health professional.

I am available for Naturopathic consultations on Bribie Island or via skype and I have a free 15 minutes Discovery Session available for new clients so I can discover your health and wellbeing barriers and you can discover from me how Naturopathic Medicine can help you. Nothing you tell me is insignificant, a drama, or a carry on, I will listen and appreciate you.

I also have a special at the moment, after your initial consultation (1 hr 15 mins), your return consultation (30 mins) is free!

Or you can find and book with me at Bribie Simple Healthy across from the post office at the Bribie Island Shopping Centre.


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