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Living Your Life Values

What do you value the most?

For me its 💙FAMILY💙 and 💙HEALTH💙.

Coming from personally being unable to conceive, both times of trying (I have two boys now), I have been through the rollercoaster of fertility drugs and the grief of believing I won't have a child. It then happened again when I couldn't conceive a second child. I also have had my own health scares and endured a traumatic accident in my family. So I value 💙FAMILY💙 as my NO 1.

My NO 2 value is 💙HEALTH💙. When you have a permanent chronic illness that affects your memories of the past, your everyday life now and so too your future, I value health way beyond my years.

The reason for the topic of 💙VALUE💙, however, stems from what truly matters to you, so you can pay more focused attention to those values.

Now look at your weekly schedule, how do your values line up with your life and schedule?? If you answered health, how much time is allocated and done to achieve this?? If it was family, how much quality time do you give your family or your partner?? If it was money, how many hours do you apply not to just work 38 hours, but to excel and achieve more money?

How many are your actual hours??

If your hours a week don't stack up to your values, what's your plan to align your life with your values? What will you change?

💙💙When you live your values, you live with satisfaction, joy and no regrets.💙💙

I offer 1 hour and 15-minut

es initial naturopathic consultations on Bribie Island and via skype, with 30-minute follow up consultations. I also have a free 15-minute discovery session to discover each other, and I offer 45-minute consultations where you can have complementary medicine testing completed.

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