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What does your tongue say about you?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Did you know your tongue can reveal signs of your health?

Tongue analysis is part of your physical examination with me in your initial consultation.

I will be looking for signs such as a coating, red spots, cracks, rawness, quivering, size, thickness, shine, colour and shape of the edges. Mapping the location of these sign on your tongue to a location your body is also done.

I can learn from you about your digestion, nervous system, fluid balance, nutrient levels, immunity, inflammation, strength, energy levels and organ function.

Correlating your signs on your tongue with your other physical examinations I perform along with your symptoms and history is extremely helpful when preparing your treatment plan to achieve the change in your body you are looking for.

I help people who are suffering, change the way their body functions, using natural medicine to change the state of their disease. It is my passion to work with disease or illness, reset immunity and restore the nervous system to help people claim their life back!

You can book online or by phone 0418 999 643.

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