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What is the 21st letter of the alphabet?

What is a vital piece of the puzzle often underestimated in order for your body to make a change to heal??

The answer is you. Yes, the little old you reading these words right now.

U is, the 21st letter of the alphabet.

No one is going to heal you for you. You need you.

Not that next person you're booked in to see... the next article you read... the next product you buy... that diet your friend said worked...that test...that prescription...and for some of us this can go on and on...

The part that can be missing in any of the above is the importance of the essential, you.

You actively engaging in the right professional and taking part in their plan to support your selectively choosing the information you read and also not to buying the next product not due to the clever marketing, but from the proven effect it has... the diet you choose that has proven scientific literature or recommended by your health professional... the prescription you to choose to take or not to take weighing up all the options available to you...

And then, your commitment deeply and wholly to yourself, that is within you, to make the changes your body needs.

Naturopathy practice encompasses that the body has the ability to heal itself. When you are in a certain state of mind, in a certain environment, using certain practices and principles your body needs, your body has the ability to make a change and heal. Finding that certain place in you, at the right time for you and in the right place in your life, needs you, that only you can access.

I help people who are suffering, change the way their body functions, using natural medicine to change the state of their disease. It is my passion to work with disease or illness, reset immunity and restore the nervous system to help people claim their life back!

You can book online or by phone 0418 999 643.

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