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Who Am I Looking For...?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Are you...

Laying awake most of the night, with thoughts spiraling about the how’s and why of your world?


Waiting for your doctor to finally fin

d the missing piece of your puzzle so you can live your life again?


Bloated, cramping, gaining weight, can't get to the toilet quick enough, or maybe wishing you could just go to the toilet?


Not showered for days, your baby has the runs, your toddler won't sleep and your other child's nose has a waterfall of snot?


Constantly in the pharmacy or health shop buying the next product you heard will work this time?


You've been driving in the car and you arrive at your destination and begin to wonder how you even got there?


Your child can't find their pyjamas...not again...and suddenly you've turned into the mum you never ever wanted to be?


Breathing in so much air in at times you feel unable to take another breath in?


Googling excessively making plans to overcome the roadblocks to your dreams?


Sitting on the bathroom floor, crying uncontrollably, and don't know if you will be able to stop?


If you are any of one or more of these, I am looking for you.

If you’ve read this far, I am thinking I am looking for you.

Phone me, text me, email me, pm me, dm me, ask to see me in the store, whichever way you choose.

You can... show up i

n your pyjamas .... with your baby crying ...with your current collection of prescriptions and supplements....with tears and snot rolling...

I want to listen to you, all of you.

I want you to paint me a picture of what surrounds you.

In return I will:

Offer understanding and no judgement ;

Provide you with a treatment plan with a natural medicine prescription based on traditional and clinical scientific evidence ;

Explore diet, lifestyle adaptations, that are realistic and suited to you ; and

Most importantly, help you take charge of your life again.

Let's meet!

Book an appointment with me or you can phone me for free chat to see if you would l like us to work together on 0418 999 643.

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